Why is my late brother’s husband not receiving a survivor’s pension

My beloved brother passed away recently. He was 70 years old, retired and subject to social security contributions. Her husband, 63, is still working.

They had been married since 2008 but when he applied for a survivor’s pension it was refused. Some of our friends have looked at it and from what we’ve all read it should be eligible for a survivor’s pension.What do we not understand?

Answer: Your brother-in-law was not refused a survivor’s pension b

If your brother-in-law was born in 1960, the full pensionable age is 67 years. Individuals claiming Social Security benefits before reaching full retirement age are subject to an income test that reduces their benefits by $1 for every $2 earned beyond the 2023 limit, or $21,240 in 2023.
The income test disappears when you turn 67. At this point From this point – or sooner if hours and income are sufficiently restricted – you have the option to take out a survivor’s pension or your own, with the option to move to the following.

For example, if you have earned a significant subsidy through your work, it may make sense to start collecting child benefit and build it up until it reaches its maximum amount at age 70. Maximize My Social Security or Social Security Solutions can help you choose the right course or hire a free financial advisor.

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