Taco Tuesday Should Be Released For Everyone To Enjoy

Too many companies and others refer to “Taco Tuesday” for Taco John’s to have exclusive rights to the phrase, says Taco Bell in the US.Registration at the Patent and Trademark Office, starting Tuesday, of course.

This is the latest evolution of the long-running Taco Tuesday Beef that even NBA star LeBron James tried unsuccessfully to scrap in 2019.

“Taco Bell believes that ‘Taco Tuesday’ is the heart of every Tuesday. “Anyone who says ‘Taco Tuesday,’ whether it’s Taco Bell or someone who ships tacos to the world, is taking away the sunshine itself from the world,” read the Taco Bell statement.

With over 7,200 locations across the United States.S. and Taco Bell International – at Yum! The chain of brands — including Pizza Hut, KFC, and The Habit Burger Grill — is a lot bigger than Taco John’s in Cheyenne. Founded more than 50 years ago as a food truck, Taco John’s now has approximately 370 locations in 23 states, primarily in the Midwest and West.

The chain’s relatively small size hasn’t prevented widespread adoption of the “Taco Tuesday” brand, which dates back to the 1980’s.In 2019, the company sent a letter to a brewery just five blocks from its headquarters, warning it not to advertise “Taco Tuesday” for a taco truck parked outside on Tuesdays.

Active trademark defense is essential to protecting trademark rights, and the letter was just one example of how Taco John told restaurants around the world that no one else could use “Taco Tuesday.”

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